Funding Process

Boost your Early-stage start up, through the above 3 major listings:

The 2 funding stages

  1. Prologue your company, just like you do to a friend (video).
    a) Include all basic information about your company and the Industry you are up to.
    b) The Problem & The Solution.
  2. Founder & Co-Founder profile.
  3. Contact Details.

Send us your pitch deck including the 8 basic pillars:

  1. The Product.
  2. Innovation. (E.g: grade of innovation, Disruption and Originality).
  3. Customer Value Proposition.
  4. Detailed Business model. (E.g: Organisational structure, sales strategy, strength of team, vision & strategic plan).
  5. Market Validation. (eg: Competition, Market Size, Scalability and Market Reach, Pathway to growth, Size of market, export potentials etc.).
  6. Marketing Plan.
  7. Social Impact. (E.g.  jobs generated, diversity policy, social inclusion).
  8. Legal: Legal status sustainability report.
funding process

Pre-Seed capital

Initial funding typically sought by entrepreneurs who are just starting out and don’t have a product of organized business yet.


Startup capital

For new businesses & entrepreneurs who already have a sample product available and at least one executive working full-time.

Funding Up to: €50,000

First stage capital

For ready businesses which hope to push their products, services, and even advertising to a wider target audience.

Funding Up to: €100,000


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